Berlin Sprays. No Murals. No legal walls. All Crews & Gangs.


An unfortunately incomplete overview of the Berlin sprayer and graffiti scene. Who is missing here? Please help us to add relevant artists and crews! You don’t want to be listed? Send us an email or get in touch via Instagram.


Please respect and secure the anonymity of the artists and groups shown!


All Day Hustlers



One United Power

Worldwide - since 1990


“I spray the sky fast. Eyes ahead and behind. Looking for cops. Looking for anyone I don’t want to be here. Paint sails and the things that kick in my head scream from can to brick. See this, see this. See me emptied onto a wall.”

Interactive Design / Prototyping

Present your product prototypes with an interactive model. Invite your clients to play around and inspect your models.

ABOUT US - B4itFades

We share a deep love for subversive urban art and subculture in all forms and shapes. We want to support, connect and share the importance of adding colors where someone says it’s not allowed to be there.

We want to include everyone, fight against marginalisation and celebrate deviations from outdated stereotypes and values.